1. I don’t have Dutch nationality, can I still work in the Netherlands?

    For more information about working in the Netherlands take a look on the website of the Dutch government.

  2. Where can I find practical information about living and working in the North of the Netherlands?

    Connect International serves the international community in the Northern Netherlands.
    We provide quality expat relocation services and practical information to familiarize international residents with all aspects of living, working or studying. Visit our website to get the information you need.

  3. When are the school holidays in the Netherlands?

    On the website of the dutch Government you can find an overview of all the school holidays in the Netherlands.
    Any information on dutch Governmental issues you can find on this website.

  4. Is there a difference between the two types of higher education?

    Yes, there is! On the website of the RUG (University of Groningen) you can read all about the differences between the two types of higher education.

  5. Where can I find information about Groningen city council?

    on this site you can find everything you need to know about the Groningen city council

  6. I want to buy (or rent) a house in the north of the Netherlands – how can I find information about the housing market on the internet?

    Funda is the biggest web-based ‘estate agent’ in the Netherlands. Looking for a house in Groningen? This link shows all available houses in the province of Groningen.