The GSV has offered education to the children of Groningen city and the wider region for over 100 years. It is a primary school situated in the Helpman area in the South of Groningen. The school, providing for over 600 pupils, has three different departments at present, each with its own unique concept. The bilingual department is the largest, in which children are offered lessons in English for 4 hours a week from the youngest class upwards. The school has also had a Leonardo department since 2010, in which tailor-made provision is provided for highly gifted pupils. The GSV has had an International Department for over 25 years. There are 14 schools across Holland that also offer international education in this way. These schools have united under the name of the Dutch International Schools ( and The International Department of the GSV, set up in 1986, has through the years developed into a school where child-centred, differentiated education is offered to pupils with diverse starting points and backgrounds. Pupils from all parts of the world are educated here and are able to transfer smoothly to other International Schools once they move on from the GSV. In the past years the pupil numbers have grown steadily and at present the department has well over 160 pupils. The education in the GSV International Department is offered entirely in the English language, and is provided by a strong team of qualified native speakers with wide experience in international education. The educational programme is based on the British National Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum. This provides a strong base for high quality education in English. As a school with three different departments, the GSV places great importance on integration between all pupils. Through this integration, the GSV pupils are offered the opportunity to become familiar with diverse cultures. The International Department offers an education that places great importance on the achievement of each child’s individual potential. It aims to help the children to obtain the skills and knowledge necessary for their next step in their educational career, as well as to stimulate and guide the children’s social and emotional development. The children are taught in small groups of a maximum of 20 pupils. A number of specialist teachers are employed for music, physical education, Dutch lessons and ICT. All classrooms have an interactive smart board as well as computers. Pupils who require additional support with the English language are supported by a specialist EAL (English as an Additional Language) teacher. Children who may require either long-or short- term additional learning support are provided with this by the SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) in cooperation with a team of learning support specialists.


If you are interested in the education at the International Department you may contact the school management of the GSV. We will make an appointment with you and will gladly give you a tour of the school environment. You may also find more information about our school on our website or you may request a brochure. You are always welcome!

Pre School

In 2011 the GSV began an English-speaking pre-school group for 3-year-olds, in cooperation with the child-care organisation ‘SKSG’ (Stichting Kinderopvang Stad Groningen). The children are offered care and education for 3 mornings each week by a qualified and experienced native speaker together with a qualified childcare specialist.This has created a strong foundation and preparation for English-language primary education.Due to the strong cooperation with the International School of Groningen, there is education available in the North of the Netherlands for children from age 3 to 18. Parents or carers who move to the North to work for a number of years will therefore find the perfect environment in which an important condition for employment such as strong international education is also available.